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Bride and Groom Kiss In Front Of The Chicago Theatre


Brandon Posing In An Alleyway With A Camera

WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY focused on your love story

Your entire love story deserves to be the focus, not just this one day.


My passion is to capture the details of your story to become an heirloom for your family.

How did you two meet and fall in love?

When did you decide to propose?

What is the story behind the ring?

Who will be standing with you to celebrate this milestone in your journey?

I want to know everything about you, because your story began long before today - and it will be celebrated long after. 



it was all a dream

Similar to your love story, my story with film was always meant to be.


Growing up, I was always fascinated with home videos of my family. When I was 8 years old, my older brother came home with a new digital camera that would record video in 10 second clips.


My fascination quickly grew into an obsession as I constantly 'borrowed' his camera to go grab different scenes in the neighborhood. Before I knew it, I was finding an editing program to compile hundreds of 10 second clips to create my own short films.

In school, I quickly became known as the 'movie kid' since I did a handcrafted film for all of my school projects. All of my friends and other students would always ask me to create a film for their projects as well. I did not know it then, but I was a filmmaking freelancer before I even started high school. 


Flash forward to today where I have spent many years honing all elements of filmmaking through school, corporate shoots, indie documentaries, real estate - and weddings. 


Out of all the genres I have spent time in, I have always gravitated back towards the wedding industry. It is incredibly fulfilling to get to know couples on a personal level and learn about their personal stories. 


Creating a film focused on the details of my couples stories is at the heart of my process, and it is what makes my films a precious family heirloom to be celebrated long after the final frame is completed. 

Brandon Lays Down With Video Equipment Surrounding Him
Polaroid Style Photo Of Brandon With A Camera At 15 Years Old
Brandon Posing with A Camera In Hand
Bride Accessories


The Talvisions process starts from a foundation of attention to detail that extends all the way through the entire process. From the discovery call with my couples, the day of filming and all the way through to the final edit - every step is handled with the upmost care and respect that your story deserves. Will your video stand the test of time? Will it be something your children will want to watch and admire?


These are the elements that drive the process, and ultimately, is what makes my wedding films a Talvisions product.

I take each couple’s wedding day extremely serious. I am fast and respond in a way that is both timely and helpful. Have questions? Feel free to ask at any time; I’d love to help.

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Brandon Teaches His Daughter How To Use Camera

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Family photo in polaroid style that says Love The Tallons

in real life

Call me old-fashioned, but my other dream in life was to become a modern day family man. I am blessed with a beautiful wife (Mallory), Daughter (Avery) and puppy (Ollie).


Having the love and support of my family really drives me to do my best at everything I do, fuels my creative passions and gives me a reason to feel grateful every single day. 


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