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A Heartwarming Moment at Kora and Nate's Wedding

Kora and Nate's wedding day at Rialto Square Theater was filled with love, laughter, and joyous tears. During the speeches, Nate's father took the microphone and expressed his gratitude for everyone's presence. He then made a touching statement that Kora found particularly endearing.


"Nate is a gift to this world. We are all better to know him" said Nate's father, "but there was one thing that was always missing for me. I never had a daughter.”


A massive wave of silence came over the room, as everyone watched Nate’s father get choked up by the love and pride felt in that moment.

“And today my heart is filled. Not only do I have a first daughter, but I have a perfect daughter. I love you Kora Stramaglia.”


Kora felt a tear stream down her face. She was moved by his words and felt so lucky to be a part of their family.


Kora smiled, feeling overwhelmed with love and gratitude. She knew that she and Nate had found true happiness together, and that they were surrounded by people who loved and supported them. It was a special moment that she would cherish forever.


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Venue: Rialto Square Theater

Photographer: Gabrielle Daylor Photography

Day Of Coordinator: CM Planning LLC

Caterer: Chef By Request

DJ: AMP Event Professionals

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