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most popular package

box 1 covers the highlight package


  • UP TO 10 hours coverage

  • 5-7 minute heirloom film

  • sneak peek edit

  • raw footage

box 1 covers the highlight package


  • UP TO 10 hours coverage

  • 5-7 minute heirloom film

  • sneak peek edit




  • raw footage

box 3 covers the premiere package

optional add-ons

  • graded raw footage 

  • video album

  • 360 video

  • drone coverage

  • ceremony edit

  • speeches edit

  • formal dances edit 

  • engagement edit 

  • rehearsal dinner edit 

need something different? contact for custom packaging


why hire a wedding filmmaker?

I love photos, don’t get me wrong, but there is just something about being able to push play and see motion. To hear voices. It is just an entirely different experience. Video does something that you don’t realize until after the day. It captures the entire essence of the day and brings out emotions you may not have felt in the moment.

when should we hire a wedding filmmaker?

I take bookings up to 24 months ahead of time for weddings. Most of my bookings are between 12-15 months before the wedding, but I have booked weddings with as little as 3 months before the big day.

But, with my limited number of commissions, I say if you know you love my films, book me like today. Each year I book out and have many people wishing they would have reached out earlier.


I get it. Some have sticker shock with the price of video. But to be honest, you get what you pay for!

I have continued to raise my prices as I have gotten better at my craft, upgraded to the highest quality gear (I am usually bringing upwards of $20,000 in equipment), continued education to always be getting better, and more. But the truth of the matter is that you get ONE chance to do this right. Are you going to trust that friend of yours to do it right? I could go on and on, but I pour my heart and soul into the entire process from beginning to end. My couples see that value and continue to send their thank you’s even after the wedding day.


do we meet ahead of time?

100%. I actually set up a few meetings (most of the time via zoom) before the wedding day.

I like to know all of the details, help with the timeline to ensure we have enough time for everything, and really get to know you before the big day.


what is the average turnaround time on your films?

Talvisions strives to turnaround work as fast as possible. While there is a built in maximum of 6 months, you can expect to receive your files much faster than that.

can we choose our own music?

Absolutely! Talvisions LOVES to include couples input. That said, music is selected from a royalty free licensing website to avoid copyright infrigement and support local musical artists. 

how will you approach filming our wedding?

Talvisions respects your space and tries to be as discreet and subtle as possible. The style you can expect is photojournalistic with a cinematic film look. I really love capturing those candid moments as if people don't even realize I am there. My couples usually tell me that they don't even notice me most of the time!

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